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Icecraft TOTALLY REUSABLE ice sculpture molds

Icecraft manufactures ice molds which are fully reusable (hundreds of times) and produce beautifully detailed and profiled ice sculptures. The Icecraft system will save you money / create PROFITS whilst delighting your clientele. Our moulding system overcomes common problems associated with creating fracture-free ice sculptures in any such or size every time.

Icecraft International Pty Ltd is a family owned Australian company proud to be the world's leaders in ice mold technology. Over the past 29 years, we have exported our ice molds to 129 countries to-date. We are the pioneers in the ice molding industry! Our internationally patented ice mould freezing system is a truly innovative concept that gives you the leading edge in creating really distinctive presentations . No skills, no machines or other equipment required  to make these beautiful ice sculptures– just an Icecraft  reusable ice sculpture mould and some freezer space! View some of our many testimonials from customers who have purchased our ice sculpture molds.

Visit our Ice Sculpture Mold Gallery, view our extensive range of  reusable ice moulds — there's one for every occasion. We can also create custom / bespoke  ice sculpture molds to your design

  • EYE CATCHING - Add impact, elegance and sparkle with an ice sculpture mold.   
    See our Gallery of Ice Sculpture Mold Designs

  • SIMPLE PROCESS - Assemble mould   ... fill and freeze ... un-mould.  Learn more.

  • COST CUTTING - Just imagine ... big, beautiful ice sculptures for just a few dollars each.

  • SPECIAL EFFECTS - The ice sculptures can be easily coloured, or set items inside the ice if desired.

  • LARGE RANGE OF DESIGNS - Also custom made / bespoke ice sculpture molds to order.

  • LABOUR SAVING - Frees up hours of valuable staff hours.

  • QUICK RECOVERY OF PURCHASE PRICE - An accountant's dream!  Reusable hundreds of times for years to come.

  • PERSONALISED SERVICE - before, during and after purchase

Our special purpose ice sculpture moulds may not be cheap enough for the casual private user, but represent absolute top value for serious function operators, as they are capable of recouping their total cost very quickly - with years of profit to follow!  Icecraft ice sculpture moulds come with a 2 year guarantee period but will provide many more years of service with just minimal care.  Quality of our product and service is guaranteed, with a history of over 29 years to prove it in 129 countries world wide.  Our record of repeat sales to existing clients reflects a degree of satisfaction of which Icecraft International is very proud.

If you require more information, please use our On-Line Request page to ask us about your requirement for ice sculpture molds including prices.

WARNING: Beware - inferior copycat products come and go — Icecraft’s ice sculpture molds are unique, patented and guaranteed.

Business Opportunity

The Icecraft system (NO machines, no tanks, no pulleys, no gantries or skills required – just freezer space) has created a great opportunity for self-employment. 
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Icecraft International Awards

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards - Winner 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Regional Exporter of the Year Award 2007 - Australian Government - AUSTRADE Export Hero Award 2010

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"In recognition of an
extraordinary contribution to the growth and development of Australian exports."


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See lots more - over 153 designs - in our Ice Mould Gallery by clicking here

Swan, Stylised - Pair Fleur De Lis

SnowflakeHorn of PlentySea EagleSnowman

Martini Glass Large with Ice Cube Bottle Holder Clam Shell, LargeDouble Open Hearts


Need more infomation or prices?

As we export to over 129 countries in various currencies, please click here to contact us so that we may provide you with the appropriate price list and relevant information.

We are always developing new ice moulds and we also take your request to manufacture custom / bespoke ice sculpture moulds.

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