The facts about our reusable ice sculpture molds

Icecraft manufacture ice sculpture moulds which are fully reusable (hundreds of times) that produce beautifully detailed and profiled ice sculptures
Our internationally patented system overcomes common problems associated with creating such ice pieces.

Our special purpose moulds may not be cheap enough for the casual private user, but represent absolute top value for serious function operators, as they are capable of recouping their total cost very quickly — with years of profit to follow!  Icecraft moulds come with a 2 year guarantee period.  Quality of our product and service is guaranteed, with a history of over 18 years to prove it in over 110 countries world wide.  Our record of repeat sales to existing clients reflects a degree of satisfaction of which Icecraft International is very proud.

Our moulds have been sold into America, Japan, United Kingdom, Europe,  Canada, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Noumea, Vietnam, Cook Islands, Israel, New Guinea, Cambodia, Hawaii, Lebanon, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Greece, Philippines, Fiji, Singapore, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Portugal, The Maldives, Mexico, Dubai, Namibia, Kenya, Argentina, Cuba, Croatia, Turkey, Guatemala, Malta, Mexico, Madeira, Latvia, Sardinia, Honduras, Barbados, The Gambia, Greenland, Tahiti, Korea, Russia and more ... see our country list.

Our wide and varied client base includes major hotels, clubs, resorts and motels, caterers and reception venues, restaurants, hospitals, armed forces, theme parks, convention centres and universities.

See our detailed sample client listing.  Also view some of our many testimonials.

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Icecraft International Ice Sculpture Molds